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- Walter Drangmeister, Börries Ludwig, 21. June 2002 -

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While all other known CVS client tools address the configuration management module oriented, jCVSFile does it file oriented and thus with a higher granularity.

Some highlights of jCVSFile:

- repository files are treated like "java.io.File"
- the repository is browsable like a file system
- any binary files could be added without restraints
  (e.g. documents of WinWord, Excel)
- single file revisions could be changed, checked
  out, deleted etc. without conflicting with other files
  of the same local folder or with former checked out
  revisions of the same file
- there are no local "CVS"-folder as it is the fact
  with other CVS client tools
- the length of file revisions is retrievable

Download the jar-file from here ->

If you are looking for a front-end, have a look at InfoNet. InfoNet implements a HTML-front-end for jCVSFile and more

If you want to contribute, click here ->

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